Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ok, so I'm a crappy blogger. I'll just go ahead and skip the explanations about where I've been and how busy life is, etc. etc. I'll just lay it all out there - I'm not a very good blogger whatsoever. You should see my journal, if you think this is bad. But, hey - here I am now. Onward and upward, yes? Here we go.

We are currently nearing the finish line in renovating our kitchen and I could not be more excited. We have taken what was supposed to be a small project, just to spruce up the house until we can get it on the market, and turned it into this huge renovation. Ripped out the floor and the ceiling - knocked down a wall - rearranged cupboards and counters and appliances and installed a new fridge. We have (mostly) repainted and put in a new floor - the last parts are to install a new laminate counter and tile the wall behind it.

This used to be the worst room in the house - small, dark, cramped - and yet, the room most used in the house. Now it is a complete 180 - large(r), more airy, brighter and, bonus, easier to clean! (A welcome addition, when you have a son who likes to randomly do laps around the house in the middle of meals - we're looking into seat belts for his chair at the table). The work has been going so well, I've already got plans for the rest of the house, minor ones, but still plans. It's exciting. I will post some pics soon.

Aside from that large project, we are starting to plan for the summer. Belle will be out of school soon and we have lots of things we've wanted to do all year. We will make several trips to a friend's house on the Shenandoah river this summer, to play as well as work - his house flooded in the spring and, since he has helped us so much with our renovation, we will be helping him with repairs and repainting at the river house. Another family we are close with are expecting their 4th child, almost 2 years after losing their 3rd child to illness - we are anticipating lots of trips to visit and help where necessary. There will also be several trips to downtown DC to check out new sights and the obligatory time put in at the pool, ours, friends' and public. To wrap it all up, our yearly vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week of beach relaxation (hopefully).

I'm still unemployed and it still sucks. I have been on many interviews and was hired for a couple of jobs, but had to decline the offers because of day care costs. However, we are very lucky that Tom has a great position at a great company with insurance and I'm thankful for that every day.

Aside from that, I've had a big issue come up recently that I need to vent about, but I'm running out of time and really need a good chunk of uninterrupted space to really get it out. So that will have to be a post for another time.

If I can find my way back here, that is... :)