Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Not Dead, Unless This Is Supposed To Be A Funny Dream...

Things are in full swing here in NOVA.

Anabelle has surpassed all my anxiety about the start of the school year. I cannot be more proud of her.
New School, where she knows no one and no one knows her? No problem. She's making friends and doing her own things, really starting to become more of her own person.
Another year of kindergarten (she was too young for public school last year, so we enrolled her in a private program and her teacher recommended to us that she have another year)? No problem - she's a bit out front of her other classmates, but that is bolstering her confidence in her abilities in a big way. Her current career goal is an artist. Before bed one night, I'm helping her read a book and I notice a picture and crayons out on her desk. I ask her why her crayons are out, after the Baz-Drawing-Train-Tracks-On-The-Carpet fiasco. She sighs dramatically and says, "Oh, Momma, I'm an ARTIST and that picture isn't done. When I'm ready, I need my crayons to be right there."

Sebastian is growing before my eyes as well. The break from day care has been really good for him, as well as having some good Mommy time while Anabelle is at school. He's always been a great independent player, but now he makes up the best adventures. I can hear him "narrating" with his trains and cars when he plays. He's also more interested in me reading to him and we go to the library several times in the week. However he's still completely independent and stubborn - no interest whatsoever in potty training. He doesn't care if his older friends can do it, doesn't want any bribe for his efforts - no interest whatsoever. It's a bit frustrating. Otherwise, he's all about doing everything for himself and gets irritated if you even try to assist. He is also perfecting his Jedi Mind Trick:

Baz: "Momma, I have snack?"
Me: "I'm making dinner - we'll eat soon."
Baz; "Please, you want to give me a snack?"
Me: "Not now."
Baz: "You WANT to!"

Tom is doing great - he's been having Band Practice sporadically with his old band mates from high school. Work is the same - prepping computers for new employees, doing maintenance on computers for people who don't know how to use them. He has amusing conversations with Dell's Tech Support People. They apparently can't end a tech chat - the customer has to. Tom also had the good luck of being a big fan of Faith No More and being friends with a guy who's as big a fan as he is - a friend won tickets to the first show of their first tour after ten years apart, at the Brixton Academy in London. So he got to check out an amazing show and go to London. Yea, a little bit jealous.

As for me, I'm still on the search for gainful employment - mostly taking care of and enjoying the kiddos and doing house stuff. Turned 30 in October and had an appropriate blowout, thanks to Tom and friends. Received a surprise visit by Red just in time for my actual birthday and Halloween - that was a great present. And while things are a bit tough right now, I'm still very thankful for what we have.

And there's an update.


  1. Sebastian? You have three now? Did I know that? I think I didn't...

  2. Kat -- you may want to restructure this blog. A weird thing happens when you go to post a comment. After you click the 'post comment' button, the "captcha" screen comes up, but the input window where you'd type your response for the "captcha" is somehow below the field of view.

    The only reason I managed to post is because I deduced the fact that the input window was somehow below the display view, and I used the 'tab' button to get a response from the system that brought the necessary window into typable range...

  3. Hmm...I don't seem to be having a problem posting, but it might just be that I have a different browser. I'll change it up all the same.

    Still just have 2 - we call Sebastian "Baz" as a nickname...

  4. Aha! That one didn't occur to me. In Australia, he'd be "Seb". "Baz" is short for "Bazza", which is a... well, it's not a diminutive at all is it? of "Barry".