Thursday, December 3, 2009


So...I've been writing lately. Poems. But it's been so long and I'm rusty. So just so I can keep going and practicing, I'm going to post them here so I can let them go and just kind of - grow - without me thinking about them. And I can look at them in a fresher way later on. Comments are fine - just be careful with my fragile ego, please. :)


i learned a long time ago
that simple can be dangerous
difficult is richer than easy
simple lends itself to black and white
i want my complicated shades of grey
blur the black and white


a long day is over
full of tasks checked off
messes cleaned up
meals made and enjoyed
the noise ebbed away
leaving the hum of a sleeping house
in bed finally
pillow holding my head
flannel sheets curving around me
breathing in your scent
but it's too big
and the fabric doesn't warm
without you in it to hold me
and kiss me goodnight


you feel so
to me
your hair sliding through my fingers
like rosary beads
touching you
burns a hole in my heart
warm smooth skin
i burrow into your chest
and throw your arms around me
like diving under the covers
close my eyes
and all i smell
is grassy soap
and heat
roll over
and i hit a wall
of cold space
you were so
to me

(You have no idea how long it took to publish this post and how I tried to talk myself out of it...)

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  1. Never fear, KJ. Rusty it may be - though as usual, I'm no judge of poetry - but it's clearly from a real place, and it's clean, and uncluttered.

    From my point of view it works well.